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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training and Employment Discrimination Defense

Karen Hertz Esq., owner of Hertz Legal, employment attorneys for employers serving NY, NJ and CT is a sexual harassment defense and prevention training attorney for employers and has been conducting sexual harassment prevention trainings in the New York tri-state area since 2012. NY, NJ and CT have all mandated that all employers provide SH training to employees.

Case Study? Hertz Legal employment lawyers serving NY, NJ and CT employers provided SH Training to a Medical Tech client in NYC. After the training, HL was approached by 2 employees who suspected they may have been victims of SH. The employees were not aware prior to the training the employees were not aware that vendors and 3rd parties can be guilty of committing sexual harassment, that it is not only co-workers who can commit this offense. After consulting with HL, the employees realized that they had been victims of SH and reported the incidents to management.

There have been collectively $304 million in sexual harassment verdicts and settlement in the United States since 2007. Sexual Harassment Prevention Training will educate your team on what is and is not appropriate behavior and keep you out of trouble.

Trainings conducted by Hertz Legal , employment attorneys for NY, NJ and CT employers and Sexual Harassment Defense and Prevention Training lawyers are typically live, although they have been conducted via zoom since the pandemic, are interactive and cover all the areas mandated to be covered by New York State, Connecticut and New Jersey for effective Sexual Harassment Prevention Training. Each participant of the Sexual Harassment Prevention Training provided by Hertz Legal , NY NJ and CT employment attorneys for employers and Sexual Harassment Defense and Prevention Training attorneys receives a Certificate of Completion of the training and we keep a record of your training for audit purposes.

Hertz Legal, employment attorney for employers serving NY, NJ, and CT has conducted sexual harassment prevention training for employers in a variety of industries including, construction, hospitality, restaurant and hotel workers, medical offices, financial tech firms, startups, and retail employers in the NY NJ and CT area.

As we return to work and the world returns to normal, employees and employers need to revisit the workplace conduct and ethical guidelines appropriate for the workplace. Hertz Legal, employment lawyers serving NY NJ and CT employers is here to help you get your workforce back on track.

*A portion of the fees paid to Hertz Legal for sexual harassment prevention training are distributed to the client’s local charity of choice. 285

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