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Employment Discrimination

Hertz Legal ,employment lawyers for employers serving New York and Connecticut defends businesses charged with discrimination in the workplace. We represent businesses in administrative hearings from harassment, wage and hour claims, whistleblower and retaliation, wrongful termination and other employment disputes. In an effort to keep our clients out of the courts, we create and audit your company’s employment policies and practices and make sure that your handbooks reflect same. Hertz Legal employment lawyers for employers serving New York and Connecticut provides training to our clients to make sure they are aware of and incompliance with federal, state and local employment laws.

In the event that a client is charged with non-compliance, Hertz Legal, employment attorney for employers serving NY, NJ, and CT.

Will represent your business to defend against the charges.

One of Hertz Legal, employment attorneys serving NY, NJ and CT Employers received a notice that a sexual harassment claim had been filed against it.

Hertz Legal, employment lawyers for employers serving NY, NJ and CT conducted a thorough investigation and handled the EEOC investigation on behalf of our client. Because our client kept thorough records, the EEOC found that no discrimination occurred.

Another client of Hertz Legal, PC received a complaint in Federal Court for overtime under the FLSA from a class of drivers. After thorough investigation, we determined that the drivers were involved in interstate commerce and therefore did not full under the FLSA. The claims for overtime were dismissed.

When an employer receives and kind of charge for discrimination, retaliation, whistleblowing, wage and hour claims and all other sorts of employment discrimination claims, Hertz Legal, employment lawyers for employers servicing Ny, NJ and CT will thoroughly investigate the claim and defend your Company zealously.

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